Semalt Expert Elaborates On Website Data Extraction Tools

Web scrapping involves the act of collecting a website data using a web crawler. People use website data extraction tools to obtain valuable information from a website which can be available for export to another local storage drive or a remote database. A web scraper software is a tool which can be used to crawl and harvest website information like product categories, entire website (or parts), content as well as images. You can be able to get any website content from another site without an official API for dealing with your database.

In this SEO article, there are the basic principles with which these website data extraction tools operate. You can be able to learn the way the spider carries out the crawling process to save a website data in a structured manner for website data collection. We will consider the BrickSet website data extraction tool. This domain is a community-based website which contains a lot of information about LEGO sets. You should be able to make a functional Python extraction tool which can travel to the BrickSet website and save the information as data sets on your screen. This web scraper is expandable and can incorporate future changes on its operation.


For one to make a Python web scrapper, you need a local development environment for Python 3. This runtime environment is a Python API or Software Development Kit for making some of the essential parts of your web crawler software. There are a few steps which one can follow when making this tool:

Creating a basic scraper

In this stage, you need to be able to find and download web pages of a website systematically. From here, you can be able to take the web pages and extract the information you want from them. Different programming languages can be able to achieve this effect. Your crawler should be able to index more than one page simultaneously, as well as being able to save the data in a variety of ways.

You need to take a Scrappy class of your spider. For instance, our spider name is brickset_spider. The output should look like:

pip install script

This code string is a Python Pip which can occur similarly like in the string:

mkdir brickset-scraper

This string creates a new directory. You can navigate to it and use other commands like touch input as follows:


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